20 June 2019


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WE EARTH is an ecologically sensitive choreographic project. The work combines dance, photography and video creation in an attempt to sensitize people to the majesty and fragility of our surroundings as a species connected to the whole,— while illuminating today’s critical global issue: climate change.

Inspired by a desire to meaningfully work together on this powerful planet as individuals and communities, our work aims to nourish the qualities of listening and connectedness to our beloved Planet Earth.

View Trailer : WE EARTH (site-specific format)

A large part of our current ecological and social crisis is based on a modern mindset immersed in a logic of separation. Our relenting dedication to generating connection between ourselves, our bodies and our environment is driven by the desire to break down this logic of separation and create an ethic of understanding of our innate connection to the wider community of life.

Although we may not have the opportunity to stop the Brazilian cattle ranchers from blazing down the lungs of our planet, or awaken political apathy to moral responsibility and environmental justice, WE EARTH, contributes to shifting our consciousness from that of grief, anger and blame to acts of care and rigorous respect for the earth.

The research aspect to our project pursues the theories of environmentalist, Joanna Macy, scientist James Lovelock, and biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, whose life sustaining ideas are nothing short of brilliant. Sheldrake´s concept of Morphic Resonance for example shadows many of our ideas as well as our intuition. Morphic Resonance defends the idea that a change that happens anywhere, creates a great whole field of change, which in turn generates that same change to occur everywhere somewhat like a contagious expansion of energetic thought.

By performing acts of ecological healing we hope to generate a contagion of compassion and care for our remarkable planet.

WE EARTH is divided into three parts:

1,- Educational


  • Raising awareness through social media, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Creating a bridge between the facts and our feelings.
  • Offering a space for conversation and the courage to talk about our own perceptions and experience.

2,- Environmental


  • Going into areas of environmental collapse and performing acts of ecological healing, documenting these acts and composing a collection of photographs for public viewing.
  • These acts of ecological healing are in essence an invitation to Earth to stay alive, an affirmation to the Planet that we care about life on Earth.

3,- Exhibition


  • The exposition of a collection of photographs created from our environmental field work.
  • The performance of a dance and audiovisual production, WE EARTH, currently on tour. There are two dance companies which perform this stage creation, one based in Mexico City and the other in Madrid.
  • We also have a short version of the piece available for site-specific events (duration 20 min.). WeEarth has been supported by Surge Festival Madrid, Theater La Usina, Espacio La Pradera (Madrid) and Dancing for the Millennium Goals Foundation #wedanceforearth

North American choreographer, Camille Hanson, and Spanish visual artist, Juan Carlos Arévalo. Since 2008 we have been working together fusing contemporary dance, photography and video creation into new and experimental works for festivals around Spain, Europe, USA, and Mexico.

Our work has been exhibited in a variety of international festivals such as, The 3º Annual Conference for Peace at Hebrea University of Jerusalem, STARLITE Festival (Marbella), Lincoln Center (NYC), University of Stanford, CA., ITEM Valencia, The Alternative Theater Network of Spain, PLATEA, TEA Museum of Tenerife, Spain NOW! Festival of London, University of Pierre et Marie Curie of Paris, among others.

Currently, we are preparing for the international event EARTH DAY 2020 at Stanford University of CA., U.S.A.


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